Community/Social mobilization:
CATAG while implementing its programme/projects as a first step undertakes community mobilization so that to raise awareness in community on health and hygiene, importance of education in modern day affairs, gender related issues, socio-economic development and environmental protection. For this purpose CATAG management holds meetings with the community members, conducts training/capacity building sessions and also launched campaigns.
For achieving this objective, CATAG through its strong advocacy as approached the line departments of county government, NGOs, CBOs, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and members of the community in promoting the right based approach and supported the dialogue as an important tool for achieving the advocacy objectives.

Service delivery:
CATAG is staunch believer in a very strong and efficient service delivery in the fields of health, education and livelihood. For this purpose, CATAG management through partnership has always delivered services in the communities in a transparent manner taking care of quantity and quality. It is only because of this very reason that the organisation interventions have always helped in meeting the community needs and achieving the desired objectives.