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Most of the time, this pre-load feature is something you can turn off in the options for the specific browser you use.

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1 : I do a variation of this myself. Many of the images I display come from a completely different domain or “site”, for example.

Leo Who?

There’s one major possibility you didn’t address, Leo: just because he doesn’t go to “those” kinds of sites doesn’t mean other’s don’t, if others use his computer. Indeed, does he have teens in the house? They could be doing things and going places on his computer that he wouldn’t approve of….

After searching for an hour online I finally found this clear explanation of why stuff is appearing in my history when I have never been to these sites. Most of them are porn! I’m glad my pop up blocker is working and I’m not going crazy! Every site online is telling me I’m looking at this stuff when I’m not!

thank you i think its the poker pop ups that are doing this because i click on allmost everything that comes up thanks

A similar thing has happend to me..I found a bunch of stuff in my web history that I didn’t go to. http://www.hookupdate.net/de/tinder-vs-badoo/ They were all from the same site and in 2 different web history that I have. Porn of course..is this still possible that it is spyware?

So my husband goes on websites like flikr and too shocking and I have found some stuff in the History – but it’s hard for me to get mad when i’m unsure if he’s actually going on these sites. How can i tell? is there a tool for this?

You should stop going to that website …..I would simply block it. I have helped several friends clean their machine after visiting that particular site.

I’ve observed the converse, i.e. that some sites that I’ve been to don’t get added to the history. The includes some Ebay pages but the really obvious one is Google. At one time the pages associated with all my Google searches were added to the history. This doesn’t happen any more. Is there an option that I don’t know about that has been switched?

so in my partners phone browser history was a mobidateing…..more than once apparantly browser history rekons the site was visited there was no difference between that link and the other sites he visited ie, colour and of course he denies this and im currently pregnant and find this very upsetting can anyone help and shed some light on this please!!

I just had a horrible experience. My girlfriend went through the browser history on my phone and found an entry for Yahoo login. I don’t have yahoo, and never logged into Yahoo. I honestly have no idea why it’s on my history, and it has ruined my relationship.

If you are signed into Chrome on those various computers it will sync the browsing and history. And also a good lesson that if you are asking a question about a computer it’s essential to include some information about the system and programs you are using.

So my husbands computer history keeps showing that he is visiting some girls page on Facebook. He’s not friends with her on his page and says he doesn’t know her. He denys it adamantly and I want be believe him, but something just doesn’t add up. A guy he knows that works on computers said it could be a bot. What do you suggest?

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