Josef Katzowitz Baltermann, Russia 1910 58 52

Jossel Katzowitz Kriwicz 1903 20 Krivichi 53

51. Lea Katzowitz Taginow, Russia 1909 9 Dalginov 54. Lea Katzowitz Kriwitz, Russia 1909 fifteen Krivichi 55. Leah Katzowitz 1895 twenty-two 56. Leie Katzowitz Molodozna 1900 18 Molodechno 57. Leie Katzowitz Kurmitz, Russia 1910 5 Kurenitz 58. Leiser Katzowitz Swier 1902 thirty-two Svir 59. Lesche Katzowitz Kurmitz, Russia 1910 48 Kurenitz sixty. Libe Katzowitz Kriwitz, Russia 1909 5 Krivichi 61. Mandel Katzowitz Lwazon 1899 26 62. Mania Katzowitz Kamiskin, Russia 1923 13 63. Maximum Katzowitz Nyc 1922 twenty-seven 64. Mer Katzowitz 1895 dos 65. Michle Katzowitz Russia 1910 20 66. Mirke Katzowitz Dokszye, Russia 1910 21 Dokshitzi 67. Moinhe Katzowitz Neuhof, Russia 1910 21 68. Moische Katzowitz Teltomaniz 1906 18 69. Mortre Katzowitz Wilno, Rus. 1906 40 Vilna 70. Mottel Katzowitz Krewitz, Russia 1910 17 71. Peisach Katzowitz Jlie 1903 34 Ilia 72. Rachel Katzowitz 1895 17 73. Rachel Katzowitz Dunilowitz 1900 17 Danilovitz 74. Rachiel Katzowitz Russia, Warwa 1911 0 75. Rafael Katzowitz Chewinsh, Russia 1912 18 76. Rijol Katzowitz Butremany 1900 17 77. Riwke Katzowitz Austria 1893 fifty 78. Riwke Katzowitz Kriwitz, Russia 1907 20 Krivichi 79. Ruwin Katzowitz Eli. Romania, Russia 1913 six 80. Salmann Katzowitz Dokazyc, Russia 1909 21 Dokshitzi 81. Salmen Katzowitz Dorschitzi, Russia 1910 eight Dokshitzi 82. Samuel Katzowitz Minsk 1899 19 Minsk 83. Sarah Katzowitz 1895 42 84. Scheindel Katzowitz 1895 5 85. Schepsel Katzowitz Danilowiczi, Russia 1913 20 Danilovitz 86. Sch. lern Katzowitz Milejka, Russia 1913 thirty-six Vilejka 87. Schlome Katzowitz 1895 six 88. Schmerl Katzowitz Slonin, Russia 1910 19 Slonim 89. Schweier Katzowitz 1895 twenty-six 90. Sima Katzowitz Russia, Warwa 1911 31 91. Sime Katzowitz Krasin 1904 six Krasna ninety-five. Slate Katzowitz 1895 65 93. 1906 21 Vilna 94. Soloman Meters. Katzowitz London area 1904 twenty-seven 95. Sore Katzowitz Kriwitz, Russia 1909 forty Krivichi 96. Aching Katzowitz Russia, Warwa 1911 3 97. Sosche Katzowitz Kriwitz, Russia 1909 nine Krivichi 98. Sosja Katzowitz Dorschitzi, Russia 1910 4 Dokshitzi 99. Wolf Katzowitz Wilna 1905 thirty five Vilna a hundred. Wolff Katzowitz 1895 8 step one. Breine Kazowitz 1895 31 2. Chajo Pesche Kazowitz 1896 18 step three. Joel Kazowitz 1896 sixteen 4. Libe Kazowitz 1896 six 5. Salman Kazowitz Kurniz 1906 15 Kurenitz six. Zeitel Kazowitz Slovim 1905 twenty four Slonim

Thanks to own sending myself the list. I have already been therefore active finding family unit members with this ellis isle site, that we did not even get around to help you taking a look at the Alperovitz title but really. You may have no idea just how much I see the wonderful operate. Really, Elaine Cohen ———————————————————– Thank-you for this number.

Even when You will find noted Alperowitz as a reputation I am evaluating, it absolutely was the new maiden identity away from a-uncle’s mommy, and i also have done nothing browse, apart from the fresh SS-5 and this stated this identity.

Many thanks plenty to possess sending the list to you. I have not got an opportunity to look at meticulously to see if you will find any one of my personal mishpokhe indeed there. In addition forwarded they in order to several even more ALPEROWICZ scientists,

Solaman Katzowitz Wilna, Russ

Joel Beloved Eilat, Many thanks for the Alperovich number. I am curious: From inside the sending the list was your responding to this new JewishGen Alperovich web site or my demand in order to Ellis Isle?

I’m today baffled. Record appears most thorough (can it be done, we.age., will it include All Alperoviches passing using Ellis Isle?

You will find however found my personal daddy (Zero.312, Pinchus Alperovich, arrived 1904 at the decades 30). However, I am which have astounding issues looking my grandma and you may my mommy and you can sibling (exactly who appeared more annually or one or two after due to their mother). I do believe the situation stems from my personal lack of knowledge of Russian Jewish first labels. My mom’s name right here are Anna, however, I assume was Hanna otherwise Chana. Aren’t able to find the woman naturally. The girl mother’s identity right here is Flower, however, really was Ritla. I guess, she is No. 329, Rifke off Minsk (in which she originated from) coming in 1906, nevertheless offers their decades within thirty six and my personal info tell you she should have already been 28 during the time. Do you have the skills appropriate were the age details abreast of arrival?

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