Community AID Transformation Alliance Group (CATAG)

is an independent registered community based organisation and nonprofit civil society organization based at Homa Bay county Nyanza region. CATAG prime motto is capacity building and services delivery to the deprived and marginalized people of the community.

What CATAG Does?

What CATAG Does? Influenced by the new development paradigm shift, which puts people

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During the process of social mobilization, CATAG adopted a participatory, self-help,

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CATAG is staunch believer in a very strong and efficient service delivery in the fields of health, education and livelihood

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Child Protection

Child Protection ⮚ Under this theme CATAG focuses on holistic develo…

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Community/Social mobilization

Community/Social mobilization: CATAG while implementing its programme/…

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Reproductive Health, HIV/TB and Malaria Prevention

Reproductive Health, HIV/TB and Malaria Prevention ⮚ This thematic a…

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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Women Empowerment aims at promotion women to take le…

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“CATAG strives to end preventable deaths of women youth and children in Homa Bay County, Kenya, by advocating for a primary healthcare system that works for those who need it most (Vulnerable). We do this by integrating our services to all government structures and units at the county and sub county level. We believe that no child should die from a disease that can be treated. We exist to prove that a better standard of healthcare is possible and affordable “

-Zahra Hassan



DIGITAL GIRLS PROGRAM WHAT EXACTLY IS THE #TechSkills4girls INITIATIVE? The #TechSkills4Girls Initiative emerged as a re

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On going medical Outreach

On going Medical Outreach service offered ;HTS,Immunization,Vaccination,Cancer Screening,Counselling and FP services pro

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